Utah’s Light Shows

We were still not over with the Christmas In Color Light Show in Utah last year. We learned about this event from our relative, and they invited us over to Utah to witness it personally. The light show enthusiast in me, couldn’t say no. It was also a chance to spend the holidays with them.

We almost missed that event. We arrived Utah just three days before the closing date. Good thing my cousin was able to buy us tickets ahead of time. Everyone was excited when we got to the house of my cousin. It’s been years since we last spent time with each other. Wines were popping non-stop until the unfortunate happened.

I tripped and spilled a bottle full of red wine on their cream carpet. I can still remember how everything turned quiet as if someone stopped time and everything stood still. Then, I heard my uncle chuckled and dismissed the matter like nothing happened.

He just grabbed the phone and called someone. He later told me that he called his friend from Carpet Cleaning Utah LLC. He said this company had kept their carpet nice and clean from the very start. My worries hadn’t dissipated until the carpet cleaner worked their magic. It was unbelievable that it was cleaned in no time. I checked their website, and I saw lots of good reviews about their service.

To lighten the mood further, we went to the light show that evening. The Christmas In Color did not disappoint. It was even more than I expected. The lights seem to be dancing with the music. I appreciate when the light show is well-organized that even the lights jive with the sounds.

It is a different experience because you drive your car through a mile-long spectacular lights display, then you set your radio to a particular frequency to access the music. Isn’t that neat? Good thing we do not have little children with us because we heard that the kids want to hop out of the car and touch the lights. It was magical like that.

I haven’t attended a light show like that before, so I am still gushing about it until now. I am hoping that they will have another show next year so other people can try it as well. It was a unique experience that could be a yearly tradition with your families and friends.

Other light shows in Utah are worth exploring, too. I listed them below so that you can see them on the holidays.

Willard Bay Lights – This is a whole village lit up for the holidays. You can find it at Willard Bay State Park.

Zoo Lights at the Hogle Zoo – This is a cool mix of wildlife and light show. Must be interesting to see and photograph animals lit by wonderful lights.

Lights at Thanksgiving Point – If you want to go all romantic, you can get around the light show riding a carriage.

Heritage Park – This is another village designed to give you beautiful light display. You are also free to roam inside the cabins around the village, too.

That is only a few of the light shows that you can see when you visit Utah on the holidays. Can’t wait to return and see the new displays in December.

About the author: Roy