Setting Up Weeks Before a Festival

Sometimes we like to do things a bit more thoroughly compared to other groups when doing festivals; you see whenever you go to a festival that also handles food; there is the problem of pests and such. While I can assure you that not all venues face this problem, there are a few places that already had a few rats or other pests living in the area, and they do get attracted to the food our merchants sell during the festival. We try to avoid anyone getting sick from contamination or something so every time we have an event, we call the top Pest Control Bolingbrook Company and get them to treat the venue a couple of days to a week before to chase off the critters.

Surprisingly enough a lot of people on the staff thought this would not be an effective move, and is just an additional cost. But I haven’t had any incidents yet! Yes this is not exactly proof of my system working, but I do this for security; I wouldn’t want my events and festivals to be on the front news because of some vermin related incident, or any incident for that matter.

This is just one of the many things I do to make sure my events happen without a hitch, I’d tell you more, but I wouldn’t like to let out company secrets!

About the author: Roy