Pest Problem: Storing Sound and Lighting Equipment

Some time ago, I had made the most unfortunate discovery while visiting our storage unit in Denver, more than half of our equipment were destroyed, chewed on and turned into a temporary dwelling by mice or rats, I could never tell the difference. Apparently, the storage facility was not liable for any damage, stating that they had always reminded us to regularly check on our stuff and unit to prevent things like these from happening. Since we haven’t been there for quite some time, I guess we were to blame, but I had thought that since we were paying for the storage that they would at least have regular visits by the exterminator.

Truth be told, we didn’t blame the facility or its manager, having found the remains bag of chips we most likely left the last time we were there, the probable cause of the whole dilemma. After discarding what was unusable and cleaning out anything that had mice feces on it, we decided to keep using the storage unit, since it was our fault the whole pest problem happened anyway. The manager was kind enough not to kick us out and even recommended this Pest Control Denver company , who charged a fair price and did great work.

After experiencing the incident, we decided to get a friend to visit the storage unit every now and then, and got the same pest control company to maintain the vermin-free status of the unit.


Lesson to Be Learned

So what have we learned after this whole commotion? Aside from the fact that a bag of Doritos attracts pests that is…

  1. Always keep your storage area clean and clear of anything that might attract pests that could destroy your equipment.
  2. Mice can chew through Aluminium! Seriously, they can!
  3. Frequently check your equipment’s storage area at least twice a month to check for any problems, such as pests, leaks and missing inventory.
  4. Apparently Mice like destroying the expensive equipment while shitting on the cheaper ones. At least the most in Denver does.
  5. Insurance, get insurance, I was wrong to think that they were all scams, check if they cover rodent damage, though.


It Wasn’t All That Bad in the End

After a few people had heard what happened to the group’s equipment, a few friends and good Samaritans donated some equipment to us, most of the stuff we lost was replaced, and some of the replacements were better and more modern. Of course, they made us promise to take care of the new equipment and to never leave a bag of chips near any of the equipment again.

We were a bit negligent with the handling of our equipment during storage, which made us terrible enthusiasts, but this lesson will allow us to become better caretakers of our tools. Luckily enough, we didn’t need the equipment that day, had we not checked the storage unit and waited until we needed it for an event, it would have been the end of us.

About the author: Roy