All that you have to know about the Festival of Lights

All that you have to know about the Festival of Lights

Festivals are always a mark of joy and celebration. Though the customs, belief and themes of the festivals change the concept down right is that these festivals are celebrated as a mark of joy. Festivals are celebrated across the globe for various reasons and like we said on different themes. But again, if there is one common theme then it is the festival of lights. So here are some of the things that you know about the festival of lights that are celebrated across the globe, so that from now on you will have a reason to celebrate them.

All that you have to know about the Festival of Lights

Why festival of lights?

Different festivals of lights are celebrated in different places across the globe. What so special about these lights and the festival of lights? Lights always signify wellness and wealth, and they also spread a lot of positivity. Lights often symbolise the shunning away of darkness and evil. The darkness is defeated, and the goodness takes the throne. That is why we celebrate the festival of lights. This, I believe, must be the underlying truth behind the festival of lights.

Dethroning of a person, the death of a monster, regaining power and freedom are a few among a large number of reasons for why the festival of lights is being celebrated. Lights are a symbol of victory, and it means that evil things do not exist anymore. It can also be celebrated in memory of an event that had taken place in the past. People recollect and celebrate the event. The event can be both real or mythical.

Festival of lights across the world:

Like we saw earlier, people across the globe celebrate some or the other festival in the name of lights or that has something to do with lights. There are widely two different ways in which people celebrate these festivals of lights. They are either the religious ones or the organised ones. The religious ones are the festivals that are backed by religious reason and have got something to do with prayers and rituals, and they are restricted to a particular religion. In case of the organised festival, it has nothing to do with the religion. It is celebrated regionally and has something to do with the nation as a whole.

A long list of festivals is celebrated across the globe, and they fall under both of the categories that we spoke of earlier. They can either be organised or religious, but all of them invoke togetherness and joy in the hearts and houses of the people. This is the best thing about celebrating festivals. The joy goes to a different level because people are filled with a lot of positivity, and they move forward with their new found energy.

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