We are a group of Light and Sounds show enthusiasts. Our love for Lights and Sounds Festival started when we were still kids. Our parents brought us to these festivals, and each experience was magical. We continue this love up to this age, and we think we will never stop.

We want to spread the magic and wonder of Light and Sound Festivals. We believe that it is not just for children, but for all ages. The festivals have the power to inspire awe and happiness to people.

We would like to share with you about the Light Festivals we have been to and those that we want to visit soon. There are lots of lights festival around the world, so there is no need to travel abroad. But, we encourage enthusiasts to see light shows in different countries for a new perspective.

We will let you know if there is a light show near you. We will also share tips on planning your light show visits. We want to be your helpful resource on anything about light and sound shows.

Let’s come and enjoy the show.