Etiquette When Attending Festivals

Festivals are about having fun, being yourself and just enjoying. However, you should remember what your mama told you about manners and etiquette. You are not the person in the world so each of your actions can affect another. Hopefully, not in a negative way.

So we are here to give you just some friendly etiquette reminders when you go to festivals.

Pack Your Essentials

Before you bring your entire house, check the festival rules to know what items you can bring. Some festivals may restrict alcohol or be carrying umbrellas, so make sure you do not have prohibited items to avoid any hassle on your part. You also need to consider the weather, and the time you will spend there. A jacket and water bottle are handy essentials that you can bring.

Respect The People Around You

You are all there to have fun. Fall in line if needed. Be courteous and be mindful of your movements and noise. It might be okay for you, but the people around you are disturbed already.

Respect The Venue

Always be mindful of your trash. If you cannot find a receptacle, keep it in your bag or pocket to dispose of in a proper place. Another thing is making sure you do not damage any of the display on the event. There were instances where people vandalized the venue just because they want to get a “selfie” with the decors. Some even destroyed manicured parks because they did not have any regard to the place. Don’t be that kind of person.

Respect the crew and security officers

They are there to keep everyone safe. Follow their instructions and respect their authority. We know you just want to have fun, but there is always a limitation. Also, remember that they are just doing their job, and that is not to make your life miserable. They just want to keep the peace and order of the festival.… Read the rest

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The Lantern Festival Of China

China’s Annual Lantern Festival is one of the most beautiful and romantic light festivals on Earth. Before there were LED lights and computers, this festival already gave a spectacular evenings to all the festival goers.

The Lantern Festival began during the Eastern Han Dynasty around 2000 years ago. It is actually a Buddhist tradition that Emperor Hanmingdi adapted for his dynasty. He was a follower of Buddhism, and he learned that monks did the tradition exactly on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Thus, he ordered his kingdom to light lanterns.

It also coincides with the first full moon of the Chinese calendar. It marks the end of the Chinese New Year but starts the spring season in the country. Family reunions often takes place during this day. Unfortunately, most cannot celebrate because it is not declared as a public holiday. In 2017, the Lantern Festival will be on February 11, 2017.

There are several activities done on this auspicious day in China. Let’s learn more about them below.

Light Up and Watch the Lanterns

This is the primary activity of this festival. Lanterns in all shapes and sizes can be seen everywhere. The traditional fish, dragons, globes are the usual figures that you can see. The lanterns also has a design on it making each of them unique and extraordinary. The lanterns are also like candles that call everyone to say a prayer

Eat Tangyuan

The custom of eating Tangyuan started in the Song Dynasty. It symbolizes wholeness and togetherness in the family.

Tangyuan “soup round” is a ball dumpling made with sticky rice flour and filled with sweet fillings such as sugar, sesame seed, peanuts and various sweet pastes. It is either fried, boiled or steamed and served with a soup called tian jiu “sweet liquor.”

Solve Lantern Riddles

This guessing game started in the Song Dynasty. It makes the mood during the festival exciting and enjoyable. The game is just simple. The owner of the lantern will write a riddle on piece of paper and stick it on the lantern for everyone to solve. Once a person gets the correct answer, the lantern owner will give that person a little prize.

Enjoy Lion Dances

Lion Dances are very amusing. Four people, under a lion costume, do synchronized movements to make an amazing dance. The Lion Dance has been around since the Three Kingdoms Period, and it continues to wow us to this day.… Read the rest

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Setting Up Weeks Before a Festival

Sometimes we like to do things a bit more thoroughly compared to other groups when doing festivals; you see whenever you go to a festival that also handles food; there is the problem of pests and such. While I can assure you that not all venues face this problem, there are a few places that already had a few rats or other pests living in the area, and they do get attracted to the food our merchants sell during the festival. We try to avoid anyone getting sick from contamination or something so every time we have an event, we call the top Pest Control Bolingbrook Company and get them to treat the venue a couple of days to a week before to chase off the critters.

Surprisingly enough a lot of people on the staff thought this would not be an effective move, and is just an additional cost. But I haven’t had any incidents yet! Yes this is not exactly proof of my system working, but I do this for security; I wouldn’t want my events and festivals to be on the front news because of some vermin related incident, or any incident for that matter.

This is just one of the many things I do to make sure my events happen without a hitch, I’d tell you more, but I wouldn’t like to let out company secrets!… Read the rest

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Pest Problem: Storing Sound and Lighting Equipment

Some time ago, I had made the most unfortunate discovery while visiting our storage unit in Denver, more than half of our equipment were destroyed, chewed on and turned into a temporary dwelling by mice or rats, I could never tell the difference. Apparently, the storage facility was not liable for any damage, stating that they had always reminded us to regularly check on our stuff and unit to prevent things like these from happening. Since we haven’t been there for quite some time, I guess we were to blame, but I had thought that since we were paying for the storage that they would at least have regular visits by the exterminator.

Truth be told, we didn’t blame the facility or its manager, having found the remains bag of chips we most likely left the last time we were there, the probable cause of the whole dilemma. After discarding what was unusable and cleaning out anything that had mice feces on it, we decided to keep using the storage unit, since it was our fault the whole pest problem happened anyway. The manager was kind enough not to kick us out and even recommended this Pest Control Denver company , who charged a fair price and did great work.

After experiencing the incident, we decided to get a friend to visit the storage unit every now and then, and got the same pest control company to maintain the vermin-free status of the unit.


Lesson to Be Learned

So what have we learned after this whole commotion? Aside from the fact that a bag of Doritos attracts pests that is…

  1. Always keep your storage area clean and clear of anything that might attract pests that could destroy your equipment.
  2. Mice can chew through Aluminium! Seriously, they can!
  3. Frequently check your equipment’s storage area at least twice a month to check for any problems, such as pests, leaks and missing inventory.
  4. Apparently Mice like destroying the expensive equipment while shitting on the cheaper ones. At least the most in Denver does.
  5. Insurance, get insurance, I was wrong to think that they were all scams, check if they cover rodent damage, though.


It Wasn’t All That Bad in the End

After a few people had heard what happened to the group’s equipment, a few friends and good Samaritans donated some equipment to us, most of the stuff we lost was replaced, and some of the replacements were better and more modern.… Read the rest

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Utah’s Light Shows

We were still not over with the Christmas In Color Light Show in Utah last year. We learned about this event from our relative, and they invited us over to Utah to witness it personally. The light show enthusiast in me, couldn’t say no. It was also a chance to spend the holidays with them.

We almost missed that event. We arrived Utah just three days before the closing date. Good thing my cousin was able to buy us tickets ahead of time. Everyone was excited when we got to the house of my cousin. It’s been years since we last spent time with each other. Wines were popping non-stop until the unfortunate happened.

I tripped and spilled a bottle full of red wine on their cream carpet. I can still remember how everything turned quiet as if someone stopped time and everything stood still. Then, I heard my uncle chuckled and dismissed the matter like nothing happened.

He just grabbed the phone and called someone. He later told me that he called his friend from Carpet Cleaning Utah LLC. He said this company had kept their carpet nice and clean from the very start. My worries hadn’t dissipated until the carpet cleaner worked their magic. It was unbelievable that it was cleaned in no time. I checked their website, and I saw lots of good reviews about their service.

To lighten the mood further, we went to the light show that evening. The Christmas In Color did not disappoint. It was even more than I expected. The lights seem to be dancing with the music. I appreciate when the light show is well-organized that even the lights jive with the sounds.

It is a different experience because you drive your car through a mile-long spectacular lights display, then you set your radio to a particular frequency to access the music. Isn’t that neat? Good thing we do not have little children with us because we heard that the kids want to hop out of the car and touch the lights. It was magical like that.

I haven’t attended a light show like that before, so I am still gushing about it until now. I am hoping that they will have another show next year so other people can try it as well. It was a unique experience that could be a yearly tradition with your families and friends.

Other light shows in Utah are worth exploring, too.… Read the rest

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